The Potential:

In this taut novel, David Davies draws heavily from his years of work in high-threat personal security situations. His eye for detail in that complex world of subtle warnings is evident from the first pages.
- Milt Bearden, The Black Tulip and The Main Enemy


The best comparison I can make for the main character, Chris, in The Potential is to a more mortal and humanized Jason Bourne. I found myself empathizing with Chris because he seems more human - highly capable, but still embedded with all the flaws, emotions, and fallibility which makes us all human.

 - Amazon reviewer Captop

A well-plotted read, paced perfectly to keep readers guessing and turning pages, The Potential’s action scenes are powerfully intense with solid, interesting characters.
- Mark Farrow, Corporate Security Investigator and former Hong Kong Police Officer

Mask of Deceit:

All too many thriller writers attempt to pull plots from the headlines yet their novels fall apart, at least in the eyes of informed readers, because they fail to do their homework and truly understand the subject matter. Not so here. Davies’ background in security consulting shines throughout his work. Convincing characters, compelling action, taut pacing, and tremendous writing make this book a captivating and refreshingly realistic read. It’s riveting and memorable. Highly recommended!
 - Lawrence Kane, bestselling author

This is the second book by Dave Davies featuring Chris Morehouse, CIA Contractor who is drawn into a game of cat and mouse when an attempt to protect an Iranian nuclear scientist defecting to the west, goes horribly wrong when someone close to Chris is killed. And to make matters worse, his own Agency has not revealed critical information to him that could have prevented this from happening. Morehouse finds himself on the hunt for a CIA mole, or is he? His search for the truth takes him around the world replete with plot twists and excellent action sequences. This is a well plotted novel and a worthy successor to Davies’ first novel, The Potential. The author, himself a veteran of the military and corporate security world, knows of what he speaks about. Enjoy the ride!
 - Mike Howard, Chief Security Officer, Microsoft; former CIA Operations Officer


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