The fourth book in the Chris Morehouse series: Asset X  has now been released (12/17/20). 

Unfortunately however, I can only release the eBook version at this time. This is due to circumstances beyond my control, but I expect to release the print version in early January 2021.

As my goal has always been to get Asset X in the hands of readers before the end of the year, I am listing the eBook now at $3.99. Click on the BOOKS tab for links to buy. I will however be offering some discounts in the new year so that price will change. 

Please check back soon for a  print book release date and other offers.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Free Stuff


If you are looking for a free eBook as a gift for friends and family, please click on the link below to get your copy of The Potential (no subscription required).



If you have ever wondered how some authors create their stories or get ideas for scene locations please click on the link below to  download a free PDF of The Potential Storyboard which includes maps, pictures and information chapter by chapter of my first novel (no subscription required). 

Upcoming Events


Due to the current situation with the Covid Pandemic, I will not be attending any book signing events for the remainder of 2020. Please check back in the new year for potential dates. 


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