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The hunt is on, pitting an unlikely asset, against a formidable target—the architect of 9/11
Book 4 in the Chris Morehouse Series (Published 2020)


People say CIA officer Chris Morehouse is insubordinate, difficult and irritable. His boss says he’s a liability, and his team doesn’t want to work with him. He’s crossed all the wrong people. Chris’s job is on the line, but he still has one task to complete: find the architect of 9/11—the man known only as “Mukhtar.”

But Mukhtar is a ghost; he can’t be found. The terrorist mastermind is cunning, and determined to evade his pursuers while furthering his campaign of terror. The CIA needs a source to help find him, an asset who can guide them to Mukhtar. Chris Morehouse has a lead, a potential ally. But can he hold on to his job long enough to capture America’s most wanted terrorist—or will he die trying?


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