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Iraq, 2003 - The hunt for WMD, a war based on a whisper.
Book 5 in the Chris Morehouse Series (Published 2022)


Alone and on the run in a wintry Iraq, Chris Morehouse contractor for the CIA, is in a fight for survival. Stumbling his way through an Iraqi desert he carries evidence of Saddam Hussein's war machine. But his way out of the country has been compromised, his equipment is failing, his morale has hit rock bottom, and he is lost.

Digging deep to find the will to continue, Chris is also battling an unseen enemy. While covertly investigating a suspected chemical manufacturing facility, he saw, smelled, and touched things he probably shouldn't have. 

Is what he is carrying proof enough to confirm or deny world suspicion that the Iraqi leader has Weapons of Mass Destruction?  As troops amass in the Middle East, and world diplomacy falters, Chris has little time left before a United States-led coalition invades. Can he get out in time and convince a nation to speed up its actions, or make them pause before there is more bloodshed in the desert?


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