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The Hunt is on. The Architect of 9/11 is still out there... 
Book 4 in the Chris Morehouse Series (December 2020)


The architect of 9/11 is evasive, cunning and determined to further his reign of terror. The CIA need a source to find him, an asset they can trust. Chris Morehouse has a lead, a potential ally. But can he hold on to his job long enough to capture the terrorist, or will he die trying?

The first cell struck on 9/11, the next cell will strike soon... it has been deployed.
Book 3 in the Chris Morehouse Series (Published 2018)


Within hours of the devastating terrorist attacks on 9/11, CIA officer Chris Morehouse is dispatched on a mission to Afghanistan. Objective: locate a man he once wanted to kill and get him to the United States... dead or alive.

Thrust into a war zone with little more than a pistol and an ill-conceived plan, Chris, marches into the unknown anticipating the worst.

Chris hunts down his man, but finds more than he bargained for. Behind enemy lines, he uncovers signs of a lethal terrorist plot. Can he get the evidence back to the West before extremists seek him out? Or will the next terror cell strike the United States again before he can act?



A traitor, a defector, a lover, a deceiver, an assassin.

Book 2 in the Chris Morehouse Series (Published 2016)

Chris Morehouse, a British contractor for the CIA is tasked with intercepting an assassin in Berlin. The killer's target: a defecting Iranian nuclear scientist. With minutes to go before the man with a thousand secrets reaches safety, Chris still hasn't found the predator. Finally he rounds a corner and spots the barrel of a rifle. Seconds before the trigger-pull, Chris realizes the professional killer is someone he knows... very well.

He freezes in the gut-wrenching decision--save the defector and kill his friend, or fail in his mission and let the shooter go free--but then...



It all began when he got behind the wheel. It didn't end with his first kill.

Book 1 in the Chris Morehouse Series (Published 2014)

Chris Morehouse is a chauffeur for the US Government in Germany. Navigating his way through the tight streets of Bonn, he encounters a sight he one day half expected. The US ambassador to Germany's car coming under attack. His fight-or-flight instinct kicked in, but he was conflicted. This wasn't his fight. Should he move forward and engage the enemy as he was trained, or look the other way and speed off to safety?

With an uncanny ability to take in everything and size up a situation instantly, Chris aimed his car at a machine-gun toting terrorist and mashed the gas. It would be his first kill for the CIA, but it would not be his last.

Surviving the attack was one thing, but solving the incident would be another. Chris's instincts tell him he could be the next target. The FBI doesn't think so, the CIA is unsure. But a terrorist, a mercenary and a corrupt politician may have other ideas. 




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