The Next Cell - A Gripping Tale of the War on Terror 
Book 3 in the Chris Morehouse Series (Published 2018)


Within hours of the devastating terrorist attacks on 9/11, CIA officer Chris Morehouse is dispatched on a mission to Afghanistan. Objective: locate a man he once wanted to kill and get him to the United States ... dead or alive.

Thrust into a war zone with little more than a pistol and an ill-conceived plan, Chris, the duty-bound former soldier and bodyguard, marches into the unknown anticipating the worst.

During his search, Chris realizes his adventure has only just begun when he discovers signs of lethal intent. With the Taliban closing in, Chris has precious little time to get his evidence securely out of the country. Then, discovering a new wave of terrorist attacks has struck the US West Coast, he must elude the enemy, find the instigator, and prevent further atrocities.



Mask of Deceit - An Edge-of-your-Seat Story of Spies and Traitors

Book 2 in the Chris Morehouse Series (Published 2016)

In this fast paced, tightly woven espionage story, Chris Morehouse, a British contractor for the CIA, must intercept an assassin in Berlin. The shooter's target: an Iranian nuclear scientist who wants to defect to the West.

With minimal intelligence on the shooter, Chris must find and eliminate the threat, but on finding the professional killer, Chris realizes that he knows the assassin ... very well. He freezes in the gut-wrenching decision-save the defector and kill his friend, or fail in his mission and let the shooter go free-but then...



The Potential - A Riveting International Espionage Thriller

Book 1 in the Chris Morehouse Series (Published 2014)

With the uncanny ability to take in all and size up the situation, Chris Morehouse provides invaluable service as a chauffeur for the CIA. Reacting from his usual instinct tempered with exceptional judgement, he saves the life of the US ambassador to Germany during a terrorist attack and gives the CIA further reason to prepare Chris for a greater role in the security of the United States. 

Should Chris, a British citizen, dream so big? Will he live long enough to make dreams a reality? Life-threatening danger seems to follow him everywhere, but does he have a wild imagination as some in the FBI think, or is someone truly out to kill him?




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